Rosie O' Donnell Claps Back at Donald Trump

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"I think the problem that this country (U.S) has is being "politically" correct."

This was the response Donald Trump gave during last night's GOP Presidential Debate via Fox News. This answer was also his defense for cracking a funny ass joke on Rosie O' Donnell, agreeing that she's a "fat-pig". When asked why he makes "disparaging" comments towards women publically, he makes Rosie O' Donnell the butt of his point.

According to Complex's TRACE WILLIAM COWEN:

"This, of course, follows a history of such remarks from Trump regarding O'Donnell. In 2006, Trump told Larry King during an interview that he felt O'Donnell was a "terrible person" due to O'Donnell's previous dubbing of the ill-haired Republican as a "snake-oil salesman" following the Miss USA Tara Connor controversy."

"I think she's a terrible person. Said Trump in 06'. She has failed at everything she has done. She's a bully and she sucker-punches people."

Rosie O' Donnell claps back immediately during the GOP Debate on Twitter and says:

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Great response Rosie! But we're pretty sure, there's more to come between these two.