Rueben Wu's Photography Is Candidly Breathtaking

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Rueben Wu, former member of the music group Ladytron has stopped touring to focus on his newfound career path as photographer and music video maker. Making his mark, his eye catches breathtaking landscaping photographs from Patagonia to Greenland.

Sitting down with Amuse for an exclusive interview, the discussion focuses around his starting journey in the field of photography. Pretty interesting stuff. Below are a few excerpts from the full chat.



How do you get the whole alien/otherworldly thing that’s happening in your images?
I don’t know, I always try to approach things with a vision of what I want – like an internal idea of an image. I think the landscapes I gravitate to are ones that are surreal to begin with. It sounds like a complete cliché but I really do try to look for places that are off the beaten track, and come up with an alternative vision of something. It ceases to become a moment, it becomes a sustained amount of time – and I like that idea of an image showing more than just a split second. It’s the idea of time passing.


Is there a place that really stands out for you?
Hiking across a glacier in Southern Patagonia was a sublime experience. After having hiked 50 miles on the W trail in the Torres Del Paine region, stepping out onto a landscape of blue ice, neither land nor water, was very weird, especially one which was continually moving. It was a fitting finale to an epic journey where I was generally overwhelmed by the weight of stuff I had with me. I felt like I had transcended the land.

Where’s next on your list?
I really want to go to Greenland. There’s an old Cold War network of radar stations stretching across the Arctic, and a few of those are in Greenland. One of them, long since abandoned, has kind of been left on an icecap to be slowly subsumed by the ice.