Russell Wilson To Launch Men's Clothing Line "Good Man Brand"

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Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson has created a brand new men's clothing line called "Good Man Brand."

Wilson is launching his clothing line Good Man Brand, which will be found in Nordstrom's.

“We’re going to change a culture through fashion,” said Wilson. He described the clothes as “have great comfort, great style, and are modern and classic.”

$3 from every item purchased to the Why Not You Foundation, with all proceeds going to inner city education programs like Friends of the Children. “This is not a celebrity-driven brand,” Wilson said. “I wanted to make unbelievable clothes. That was a no-brainer. That’s the most important thing.”

Wilson went on to explain that the clothes he designed are the clothes he said he was missing in his own closet. “I think about a great jump shooter, a guy who can shoot from way outside. And then the guy who can hit easy lay-ups. So when it comes to clothes, I had the great suits and I had the shorts and t-shirts. But I wanted that mid-range game that I could dress up and down.”

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