Sean Yoro Paints Seaside Murals While Balancing on His Surfboard

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Utilizing a surfboard, artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), paints murals while floating on the waves, placing his works just above sea level.

Art can be made anywhere, anytime. Yoro demonstrates that artists continue to push the realm in how we think art can and should be made.

Yoro is an NYC-based artist who decided to grab his surfboard, a bunch of acrylic paints, and head towards the water. The Hawaii native has created quite a balancing act on his surfboard, getting all of his acrylic supplies and his body in place.

The hyperrealistic quality of the murals appear as if each is existing just above the tide. Due to the works’ position above the water they reflect perfectly into the waves, the image extending out far from the painted surface.

To see more of Hula's work check out his website // Instagram.