Secondhand Weed Smoke Can Clog Your Arteries?

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To all the herbalists out there, please read with caution because the following information might strike a nerve or it may inspire you to light a joint. Either way, this information is useful as new studies have shown the most recent effects of secondhand weed smoke on rats and humans.

Although we know that extreme exposure to secondhand weed smoke will cause mild intoxication (depending on the strain) a recent study by the American Heart Association has suggested that rats experience adverse effects to second hand weed smoke. Since rats are like humans in some ways, it suggests that these findings may be true for humans.

When exposed to a minute's worth of weed smoke, the rat's blood vessels took 90 minutes longer after exposure to function properly when compared to tobacco. The results? The rats blood vessels were down 3 times longer. If you remember from anatomy, blood vessels transport oxygen to the heart. A delay in this function may be enough to cause a stroke or heart attack.

One researcher said the following:

“Arteries of rats and humans are similar in how they respond to secondhand tobacco smoke, so the response of rat arteries to secondhand marijuana smoke is likely to reflect how human arteries might respond,”

But not everyone is on board with this theory. Are you?

Source: American Heart Association