See Jay Z's First & Last IG Picture

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It was a short lived moment for Instagrammers across the world, when the legendary emcee - Jay Z decided it was time to create an IG account. His username was Hovsince96, and within minutes, thousands flocked to his page to follow him. Posting only one picture of himself and the King of Pop Michael Jackson, his account was soon to be deactivated just after 24 hours of it's debut. Only being released to pay homage to the Pop King for his 57th birthday tribute, Jay Z captions under his photo:


Happy Birthday to the King! This may be my first and last post.”

As proof of his doing so, Music executive Michael Kyser, a close friend of Jay Z, then posted a photo of the rapper on his phone crafting his Instagram debut. "Follow my brother @Hovsince96 ASAP," Kyser wrote, corroborating that the account belonged to Jay Z. See the screenshot below: 

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We're gonna keep our eyes open here at HYPEFRESH® if indeed the King of Rap will return. Our guess? We don't think so.