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Serena Williams Definitely Deserves To Be Sports Illustrated's "Sportsperson Of The Year" Over A Horse

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Since Serena Williams won the honor of being named Sports Illustrated's "Sportsperson Of The Year" her year could not have gotten any better. 2015 was Williams' year, but of course with all positive things, there are negative things too.

Williams received the title, which she deserved after winning 53 matches in championships this year alone, but some people felt that a horse is more deserving of the title than Williams.

The horse in questions is triple-winning champion American Pharaoh, who is a great race horse, but far from deserving of the title Sports Illustrated gave to Williams. One reason besides Williams' many accolades, is the fact that the title is "Sportsperson Of The Year", as much as people love animals, a horse is far from a person.

With the success Williams has had, and with the recent title gain, the negative comments have been rolling in on twitter. Comments such as "Williams is only receiving the title because she is African-American", calling her a man, saying that the decision is just completely dumb on their behalf, and more, all of which are completely asinine.

One tweet that is surprising is that the LA Times actually put a poll up to see "Who's the real Sportsperson of 2015. "

Although people had a lot of negative comments about Williams' earning this title, Sports Illustrated defended her and shared some reasons why she deserved the title. Sports Illustrated's editor, Paul Fichtenbaum, talked to USA Today.

“She was the most deserving person for the award," states Fichtenbaum. "She had an amazing year. The way she won her events; the fact that she’s done this for so many years at such a high level... She was a terrific candidate in a year of terrific candidates.” Williams has had an amazing year, both on and off the court, and over the years have won countless competitions, many gold medals in the Olympics, and the hearts of millions. To question whether someone, who has worked hard to where she is today, to a horse on whether or not she deserved a title of "Sportsperson Of The Year" or not; that is something that should not even be up for discussion.