Sex, from a woman's point of view

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Here's a really cool perspective.

If your'e a woman, you already know about your mind's thoughts when it comes to doing the derrty, dirrrty. If your'e a man.. well - you're in the right place at the best moment.

"Teat Beat of Sex" from Signe Baumane on Vimeo shows the true thoughts of sex, according to a lady in an ironic, sarcastic style. This three part series covers hot topics such as penis size, sexual drought and erotic exploration. Just to throw a few out there.

Signe was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, lives in New York. Pulling inspiration from her sexual experiences, she created 15 animated shorts, in relation to sexuality, lifestyle and preferences.

In the real world, with real people, in real situations, sex will be one of them that occur. I just thought this video piece was cool to share because so many questions fly around about these topics. Guys, c'mon - don't front. You know you're slightly self conscious in these respects. Here's your opportunity to learn what women don't tell you. But rather, what they expect you to know. Even though you'll never figure a woman out completely.

Check out more cool videos from the Signe at and follow her Twitter.

Take an artistic journey through the depths of a woman's mind, and don't forget to leave those thoughts below. What do you think about this piece?