A Woman’s Sexual Body Count... Does It Matter?

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So you may be wondering, “what’s this chick’s body count, since she’s speaking on it.” My response, IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER. BODY COUNT DOES NOT MATTER. Here’s why.

Body count is such a touchy topic because a high body count is opinion based. So I am not here to say such and such a number is too high. If that is what you were expecting, I apologize in advance. Besides, right or wrong? If I told you a “high number,” you would not give me the time of day; if I told you the truth, you would not believe me, and consider me a liar, to then also not give me the time of day. Lose- Lose situation folks.

Some people think five is too high, others think 10, 15, 20… everyone is different, has different opinions, and as you should now know, “Perception is Reality.” To go a little deeper, can you blame someone for their “high” body count if the reasoning behind it is ignorance?


Picture this: Sarah grew up never really being close to her mother. Mom was never around, always brought different men in the house, often times depending on these different men as her source of income. Sarah’s father was not in her life to teach her that she does not need to sleep around; he was not around to teach her self respect, and to teach her to expect to be treated like a queen. Sarah grows up and acts accordingly.

You do realize that you are a direct product of your upbringing, and that in most cases, you are a reflection of your parents, right? So as you see, Sarah knows no better, but you refuse to treat her like the Queen she still is, because her “body count is too high.” Why not man up and show her love, help her to see her value? Is it because you heard about her and you are afraid of what other guys will think? Who taught you to care so deeply about the opinions of others? Have a mind of your own, you will see countless open doorways present themselves.


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