Shaquille O'Neal Hoops With Kids Who Got Police Called on Them

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Shaquille O' Neal played basketball yesterday with a group of kids playing street-ball in their neighborhood. A lousy neighbor nearby called Police in an attempt to stop their game, mid-day, because they were 'allegedly' making too much noise.

Police arrived to assess the situation minutes later, only to find 15-time All-Star, former MVP and World Champion, Shaq-Diesel hooping with the children. Of course with their realizing who that was, and why noise was being made, the local police had a better idea - make some noise with them.

Picking up the rock and running what seems to be a 4 on 4 of sorts, Shaq and Police hoop with the children, who are inspired by both their presences. This video is amazingly inspirational for anyone who watches, because in today's world Police are looked at as the threat to society, instead of being deemed local heroes. And Shaq? Well, we all know he's a jolly giant who just loves the people.

Watch this video below and be touched by what could've been another Police national headline, turned into a 'job well done' from the Shaq and law enforcement.

Lets just say that neighbor was hella' pissed.