She Isn't That Crazy is She?

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Growing up, we depended on our parents for foundation. Through our mother and/or father, we we're able to experience life. It's evident that this early support system was imperative for development. Now that we're grown men, it's obvious that naturally we look for the perfect person that will complete us. Along the rocky journey, you'll come across some stumbling blocks, and forks in the road. You'll come across some beautiful, talented, and educated women from all backgrounds. But one thing that you'll notice is her crazy tendency's. Here are the top three questions she'll ask that will remind you how crazy she is:

  1. Whereabouts? When dealing with females they always tell you that communication is the key. From first hand experience that statement is an utter lie. Have you every had a conversation that turns into an argument when talking to your girl? What seems little to you like "Ow my phone died", or "I was over Abdul's playing 2k" isn't logical in her eyes. Prepare yourself for the worst my friend!! She is hellbent on getting to the bottom of your mysterious alibi, and now poor Abdul will be apart of the investigation. If you feel like she's being ridicuolous be sure to keep those comments to yourself. Because nothing's worst then telling a delusional person that they're crazy. By now you're saying that your going to stick to your guns. The truth of the matter is, just expect nothing short of an angry female making loud outburst throughout the week. Sorry you just can't win!!!

2. Who is she? Let's face it, relationships can be a gamble especially when you are considered to be a female eye candy. You being attractive is definitely a win in your book, but a burden in your girlfriends mental state. Which means that she will be constantly paranoid on all fronts when it comes to your interaction with other women. The common question that you'll be accustomed to dealing with is "Who is she." We know that she may be your barista at Starbucks, or the elderly lady that you let in front of you in the line at the grocery store. No matter the circumstance, you better be prepared to deal with her insecurities. While she likes to believe that she is the only women on planet earth, we all know that it's the farthest thing from the truth. I wish throughout this writing I could provide a resolution, but once again I have rendered you helpless just like from the first question of this post. Disclaimer: your mother, sister, or female cousins are not an exception from the "who is she" questionnaire.

3. When did you start doing that? Females are known for there attention to detail, and the ability to know when you're not being truthful. Believe it or not, females have been monitoring our every move since the beginning of time. Which means that at no point on your existence on earth will you be able to pull a fast one on the love of your life. Her "spidey" senses are something that you're not able to compete with, so just be prepared for trial when you do something out of the ordinary. So if you're fat, and suddenly express interest in hitting the gym, it will be consequences for your action. Let's say that you want to go to rehab for your slight drug problem? Well my friend you might have to continue to be a junkie to appease your lady. She's not happy with change unless it's you getting a raise, or changing her wardrobe. By now you get the point that more than likely the lady that you deal with don't fully trust you!!

Even though listed above is the top three ways to identify if she's crazy, other things can show how insane she is. Females love to act crazy and put on a show to remind us (men) who's boss. Just remember to show her plenty of attention, and show little to no interest in anything that doesn't involve her. This is the blueprint to ensuring that your car windows aren't smashed out, and that all of your articles of clothing remain intact. Feel free to comment below to share your suggestions, and previous experiences.