Siri Saved The Life Of A Teen Who Was Stuck Under A Truck

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Siri saves teen stuck under truck

Siri helped saved an 18-year-old who got stuck under a truck that he was working on.

Sam Ray was working under his 1998 Black Dodge Dakota when the jack that he used to prop it up collapsed, pinning him under the 5,000 pound car.

He tried to grab someone's attention by banging a tire iron against the car but no one was around. After several attempts, Ray finally got Siri to call 911.

At first they thought it was a pocket dial, "We get a lot of pocket dials, and I thought it was a pocket dial at first," she said. "But then I heard the screams for help."

However, the volunteer firefighters arrived to help free Ray. So, I don't care what anyone says, the iPhone has its benefits.

Source: The Tennessean