Snapped: Andrew Kung

This San Francisco bred photographer captures more than the moment.
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Andrew Kung.

Andrew Kung.

Introducing Andrew Kung: a NYC photographer who was born and raised in San Francisco. This man is skilled at his visual craftwork in still shots. Hitting the streets, Kung can capture mind bending images unique to his hand. The end result leaves his viewers blown away, staring in amazement at his curating abilities.

What distinguishes his work from others is his timing in shooting. Some photographers keep their fingers pressed on the trigger, rapidly firing snaps. Kung's selective process allows him to accurately capture in the moment, without automation. If you've ever dibbled in camera work, you'd know how difficult this can be. 

Andrew Kung.

Andrew Kung.

The magic comes in his editing after each shoot. His colors are always vibrant and warm to the eye. Each shot is crisp without flaw. In rare instances, Kung's work can shift your mood, depending on the style of tweaking that needs to be done. Though not his common go-to in capture, he can produce pieces that are considered "moody".

The full gallery below are his hand picked favorites he's shared with hypefresh. We're proud to show them off. 

Instagram:  @Andrew_Kung