Snapped: Trill Americana x @itsrissabae

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Here's a behind the scenes look at Trill Americana's latest shoot with recording artist slash upcoming model @itsrissabae.

The look in her eyes paint a thousand pictures, staring into the depths of any soul in just one glance. In this very moment, "what is she thinking?" Her body is relaxed, yet reserved. Open, but not offering. Trill Americana catches her in unsettling moments, which arouse, yet stimulates the mind, encouraging a plethora of thoughts.

Her beauty says "im bold and fierce" yet her petite and elegant poses show the organic nature of her femininity. And to top off the mood, these shots were edited in black and white to leave your mind guessing what color hair is. Or even better, her lips.

You just gotta love it. True art in it's rawest form.

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