Sofia Vergara Lands Her Own Reality Series on Snapchat

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Sofia Vergara's career is on fire. Between the continuing success of Modern Family to starring in "Hot Pursuit" with Reese Witherspoon, Vergara has it together. To add to this success she is starring in a shortform series co-produced with Fusion that will debut this summer exclusively on Snapchat.

"Vergaraland" is a six-episode series focusing on her career in Hollywood, as told from the perspective of her 24-year-old son Manolo González Vergara. The project is being produced in conjunction with Sofia Vergara’s talent management and entertainment marketing firm, Latin World Entertainment.

“Manolo finally graduated and I am very happy for his alliance with Fusion to create such an innovative series,” said Vergara in an official statement on Monday.

This series will become Fusion's first series available on Snapchat in the U.S. and will join Emily Goldwyn's scripted series Literally Can't Even, as well as other content on Snapchat's "Discover" feature.

According to Variety:

"Fusion, a joint venture of ABC News and Univision Communications, aims to reach a millennial audience — and sees Snapchat as a key content-distribution partner. Fusion was among media companies that launched on the Snapchat Discover service in January. The Discover service lets partners post video and content “stories” that are available for 24 hours; ordinarily, messages posted between Snapchat users vanish after 10 seconds or less."

Fusion has been producing content for Snapchat in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Don't miss their minute-long news update, "News in a Snap."