Someone Called Police On Man Roasting A Guinea Pig in NYC Park

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person calls police on guy roasting a guinea pig in nyc park

An unidentified Ecuadoran man had the cops called on him because he was roasting a guinea pig in Prospect Park on Saturday. The 911 caller thought the man was abusing a squirrel, so the police responded since it is illegal to hunt or trap park animals.

However, what the caller saw isn't what actually happened. The man told DNAinfo New York that he was roasting the guinea pig on a 4-foot wooden skewer over a barbecue grill near Ninth Street. According to DNAinfo, it is legal to grill meat, as long as it is in one of the park's designated barbecue spots.

The man was within his rights so, the police did nothing.

My question for you all is....would you try or eat guinea pig?