Soundcloud and Audiomack Are The New Underground Music Scene

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With today’s confusion of what is and what isn’t a mixtape or album anymore, Soundcloud and Audiomack have been the new platform for independent AND industry artists.

HotNewHipHop, MyMixtapes, Datpiff, LiveMixtapes, and other mixtape premiere sites have put mixtapes on a pedestal where the underground isn’t too underground anymore. With this, lesser-known artists are getting overshadowed by super-mixtapes from bigger names.

Soundcloud has become the voice of the up and coming; a place where they can build a lane for themselves without having to worry about competing with veterans. Not to mention how fast and efficient producing a song is, you can literally make a song sitting in the car (speaking from really bored experiences).

“Soundcloud has done a really great job of becoming the go-to site for lesser-known acts to become famous. Before ever appearing on something like Spotify, many musicians take to the sprawling expanse that has made Soundcloud what it is today to share their work and develop meaningful fan bases”. (via

Back in 2013, Soundcloud’s co-founder Alexander Ljung, described the site as "YouTube for audio," a place where folks can listen to homegrown bands, spoken-word podcasts and other sources of entertainment.

“Thanks to the explosion in smartphones and tablets, and interest in all things audio, his site is on a roll.” (via

Soundcloud totaled a number of 250 million listeners in 2013 according to

With Soundcloud consistently growing in popularity, users are being heard more and more, even as much as the bigger brother, album and music streaming service Spotify in some regions according to GlobelWebIndex. So, even though, the young independent artist out there might not be necessarily taking over the internet just yet, someone around is listening.

With the luxury of social media and the ability to share your links to any and everybody, sharing music is as easy as making a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post. How many times do you see “Link in bio” going down your timeline on a daily basis?

Audiomack, a lot like Soundcloud, is a user-friendly, music sharing service that allows the artist to upload music, see personal stats like individual rankings and over genre rankings.

So, what Soundcloud lacks in some cases of efficiency, Audiomack makes up for most of it.

“Soundcloud might be a little bit more intuitive when it comes to upload your music but on the other hand Audiomack has no limitation when it comes to the amount of music you want to share. The popularity of Soundcloud cannot be denied. You will probably reach a wider audience with it. But the downside of Soundcloud is its limitation.” (via

While Audiomack is used by some of the world’s biggest artist, it has also taken off in terms of streaming and building a name with Soundcloud. Rapper Chief Keef contributed the site’s stats this summer with the release of his album Bang 3, which premiered on Audiomack; bringing in half a million streams in the first weekend (according to Forbes).

Small but growing names are also using the platforms as a chance to breakthrough into the industry. 22 year-old up and comer, Bryson Tiller has become a popular name within the last few months due to his debut album, T R A P S O U L which released on iTunes before streaming. This was from Tiller’s miraculous growth of Soundcloud followers due to a heavy campaign. He even caught the 6 god’s attention, turning down a deal with OVO prior to signing with RCA Records.

Bryson Tiller somehow flew under the radar when it came to blog coverage, a rarity, as he had developed a strong following for himself on Soundcloud. Nonetheless everything bubbled to the surface eventually, as the Louisville singer began to promote his debut, T R A P S O U L. (

With Tidal and Apple music becoming the primary showcase of Internet music and mixtape sites looking for the next big fish, it’s inevitable to say that Soundcloud and Audiomack are the future of underground music (not just hip hop).

As their popularity continues to grow, so will the user-artist’s views, downloads and etc.