Soundcloud Explains Why They've Been Suspending Accounts for Reposting

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It has been reported that people have been getting banned from Soundcloud for reposting music tracks.

According to Pigeons and Planes, one user reported being banned for reposting less than 10 times a day.

Soundcloud spokesperson explains the reason for the banning:

"I can confirm that this isn’t a new policy. Our Community Guidelines state under the ‘self promotion & building your audience’ section that it’s not possible to repeatedly repost or like tracks that you have reposted or liked in the past.

Based on feedback from our users, who said it was causing annoyance and confusion, we have put limits in place to restrict certain behaviours. Accounts may be blocked from reposting for this reason. As we wish to prevent this activity in the future, if users run into our limits repeatedly, each block they receive will increase in length. The reason that re-reposting has a lower limit, is to prevent this being used purely for promotion of other content. The reason we feel reposting, un-reposting and then re-reposting the same tracks in a short period of time is a method of ‘spam’ or ‘unwanted promotion’ is because this is seen as an action purely to continuously push the track to the top of a user’s followers’ streams. This causes frustration and annoyance throughout the community who report the same tracks continuously being at the tops of their streams for promotional reasons, instead of people genuinely reposting tracks they like."