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Spike Lee Claps Back On Critics Regarding "Chi-Raq"

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Though it may seem a bit pre-mature, critics are already giving Spike Lee's newest film "Chi-Raq" negative criticism, one of them being the city of Chicago, as they believe the movie makes humor around the senseless violence and killings taking place in their city's urban neighborhoods.

Not backing down from the scrutiny, Spike Lee jumps in front of his personal camera lens and expresses his rebuttal on the movie's purpose and intention, stating that the film's mission is to show the world whats really going down in Chicago. However, there is humor added in parts of the movie purposely, to help keep a balance of the film's violent content by nature.

"Now some people are getting it twisted and thinking that this is a comedy. Chi Raq is not a comedy. Chi Raq is a sattire. And there's a difference between humor and a comedy."

"In no way shape or form are we making light of the lives that have been murdered with this senseless violence." States Lee, who pauses after this very sentence to communicate his sincerity. Think about it. Why would he make a movie to undermine the seriousness behind the violence taking place in Chicago? Would any of the actors be okay with that decision prior to signing on to play the part?

Of course not. So why would the city of Chicago think this was some big joke of a movie surrounding such a real topic? Who knows. All we know is this. When it releases this December, we are gonna be one of the first in line to support Spike's cause.