Spotify Adds Video Function For Its Mobile Apps

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Spotify is integrating a video clips function into its Android app in the next couple of days, according to Mashable.

The streaming music service will start with Androids and then will have the function for iOS not too long after.

This new feature was in the works for some time, especially when Spotify announced its expansion and partners with a variety of companies like ESPN, Genius, Comedy Central, Vice News and many more.

The videos will be "short and contextual," and some partners will have the ability to make original content for Spotify.

The U.S., U.K., Germany and Sweden will be the four markets will videos will be launched. This function will be accessible for both paid and unpaid users.

"That means Spotify will be pushing out video to a big chunk of its 75 million active users, 20 million of whom pay for the service — but notably without ads, at least for now."