SPOTLIGHT: Ballad, The Formal Introduction

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Ballad is a singer, poet and songwriter who was born in Luanda, Angola, now residing in Brockton, Massachusetts.

His style swoons through his music which defines his name. Ballad’s passion and soul comes out in original R&B lyrics written himself. His messages of love and life are developed in a sound and style that has been influenced by the great Michael Jackson, Usher, and Prince, with a song writing ability inspired by Stevie Wonder and Ne-Yo.

HYPEFRESH® sat down to chat further about the details that make him who he is today as a singer, performer and songwriter. Enjoy this formal introduction right here exclusively.

Ballad talks about his roots in music:

"Music grew on me since I was young. I've always loved it! My father was a DJ, and from that major influence growing up, is where my passion developed initially. My father was always playing so many different types of records, which gave me a musical balance by listening. Variety, you can say - I was exposed to in music early."

"I started singing for some family members and friends, and they all agreed that I should take singing serious and become a professional. As time progressed I personally became more confident - Mainly because I loved doing it, and enjoyed the reaction of those who listened."

"After high school, I wanted to take this music thing serious. I linked up with an engineer at the Art Institute in Boston (who is also my current
engineer), and started recording covers in studio, to get the hang of doing recording on a professional level."

His Creative Process:

"I believe that when you live life first before creating, the output is more genuine in the creative process.. Especially when creating music. This is the reason why a lot of my music is very personal, and sincere."

"Before I make a new record, I like to live with the instrumental daily. I'm an avid fan of the iPhone's notepad and music player. I'll walk around listening and creating as I go... This process is very helpful for me. This really makes the birthing phase of making the songs, much more natural."

Ballad on his style in fashion: 

"My style is the same as the music i create. I was born in 89, so i'm influenced heavy by early 90's fashion styles. Eclectic, different, unpredictable. It really helps me express myself ascetically, and essentially helps mold the texture of music I create."

Ballad's take on the essentials of practicing as an artist:

"Practicing is an important part of being a live performer. Not just physically, but vocally too. Staying on point with pitching my voice, or harmonies and or vocal arranging... It all comes from a daily regimen of rehearsal."

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