LIFE & MUSIC: Kriswontwo, Music Producing Mastermind

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Lets take a second to dive into the mind of Kriswontwo, a music genius who literally has been born with "supernatural" musical gifts.

His ability to make anyone's head nod is extremely common, as his production skill-sets will get the party jumpin something crazy. Honestly, this guy is majorly talented, and no, he isn't an alien with special abilities. He's simply put, a man with a purpose. HYPEFRESH® took a second to ask just a few questions so we could get closer to his genius.

Introduce yourself...

My name is Kriswontwo. I'm a music-nerd/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have worked with some really kool peeps like Georgia Anne Muldrow, Blitz the Ambassador & Dudley Perkins. Right now? I'm finishing my debut album.

When did you fall in love with music producing, and how did this love impact your life?

I was pretty young in my teens.. I think. Can't remember when exactly (lol). Music has always been a big part of my life. My Father was a piano player, he & my Mom played loads of funk, jazz and gospel records at the house. When I started messing with music myself I think I was bored and went online to download some free software. Then I just started cutting up songs that I liked and made new versions. I could do this for days, forgetting time.

It has probably impacted my life in a lot of ways, but that's life. You just choose your way in it and go ahead and give it all you got.

Your projected purpose and goals as a instrumentalist...

One thing is that I always try to do something new.

A tip for upcoming producers striving to establish their names...

Do you. Don't try to be the new version of somebody, be you.