Watch The Latest Trailer for "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

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The trailer for the new Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion pack for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic has arrived, and it’s a tragic little short film that’s probably better than a lot of actual Star Wars movies.

EA unveiled the trailer for its latest space opera add-on yesterday, and despite the fact it has little to do with the game itself beyond setting up the premise, it’s a classic piece of storytelling in its own right.

Titled Knights Of The Eternal Throne, the new pack continues the family-related drama of the last expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. It stars Vaylin, the young force-genius daughter of an evil emperor who is supposedly transformed by her father’s dark ways and forced isolation.

The trailer sees Vaylin’s mother attempt to stop her daughter being corrupted by attempting to flee with her, but things take a dramatic turn when Vaylin instead chooses to stay with her father. According to the official synopsis of the new expansion pack, this betrayal turns out to be the moment that sets Vaylin down a violent path to her father’s vacant throne, and the setting in which players are thrown to prevent evil prevailing. Check out the trailer above.

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