Steve Jones: Illustrator Of The Hit Kid's Novel, 'MUD The Eloquent Elephant'

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Steve Jones is an American Teacher, Illustrator, Author, and Poet. He's recently published his first children's book Mud The Eloquent Elephantwritten by Alec Nightingale.We got a chance to sit with Steve for a moment over a late lunch. We asked him a few questions about his book, and what we can expect from him in the near future.

"Don't let anybody kill your dreams" Steve stated boldly while pouring syrup on to his pancake platter."This is my first venture into illustrating children's story books. My next books authored by me will include rap and poetry along with illustrations. It'll be designed to send a message. To be motivational, inspiring, and to deal with truths in the urban community.

As a teacher, working in the New York City Department of Education Public School system I've seen a lot of kids come and go and drop out for the wrong reasons; not that there is a right reason, but my books are directed at them. Also to the young toddlers I would like to do something to keep them on track. Something to make them think; you can read something and it could stick in your subconscious and then it comes out later. That maybe beneficial at the moment you most need it."

Steve is currently building up his website where you can see a variety of his illustrations, computer, and digital artwork.

If you've got children of your own or care for ones closest to you, Mud The Eloquent Elephant is a GREAT read; having a nice range of vocabulary to help grow with your child. You can purchase the book on Amazon, by clicking the picture and title links above!


-Jemyle Jones