VIDEO:"Strange Fruit Hanging" Details Abuse Minorities Face From Justice Systems

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So. I finish up the first part of three to my essay series "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE IRRESISTIBLE APPEAL OF BLACK CULTURE & INDIVIDUALITY?” and then I get an email. It's from an independent film director by the name of Mike Brown.

He asks me to check out his portfolio, and of course - I hurry to preview what's in store. The first video I see on his page is "Strange Fruit Hanging" and a picture of a black man lying dead with blood near his head. I immediately checked this without hesitation. 6 mins later, I was nearly in tears as to what I'd just witnessed. The unfortunate truth about being an African-American man in America.

It hurts my heart to see these images, however it's the daily routine in our reality. Targeting black men seems to be on the top of the list in the government's agenda. We have to enlighten our minds and open our hearts to acquire the knowledge needed to understand what's truly out there. Crooked, racist cops, politicians, and law officials who set up society (purposely) to destroy the black man and all his offspring.

Check this video out, and leave your thoughts in the comments box below. Would love to see you guys thoughts and feelings on this sensitive issue.