Study Shows That Selfies Can Ruin Relationships

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For the couples who strive for showing "relationship goals" by posting their actions through selfies and home videos, those same cute moments and posts could be a very negative practice. It can cease a decent number of relationships, according to a new study by Florida State University.

To capture the data, a team of doctors surveyed 420 Instagram users between the ages of 18 and 62. They were all asked to calculate their online activity such as: selfies they post, their feelings about themselves after the picture was posted and finally, their current relationship status.

The data collected showed that positive feedback resulted in positive feelings about one's self and vice versa for negative feedback and responses. So, the study showed that ultimately this creates problems the more one posts a selfie, the more chances of a counter-productive romantic relationship.

According to the study:

"When Instagram users promote their body image satisfaction in the form of Instagram selfie posts, risk of Instagram-related conflict and negative romantic relationship outcomes might ensue,"

So in other words, if you're an aspiring Instagram model and want to keep your relationship, taking a break from the "thirst traps" and bathroom selfies is almost a must.