STYLE: '5 Things To Wear' With Mike Cook

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We're halfway through the Fall season heading into Winter and every man has to prepare for the change of weather coming. Mike Cook, fashion enthusiast and exec at HYPEFRESH Magazine Inc. has kick-started his editorial series "5 Things To Wear" which focuses on key pieces gentlemen should consider for their closets. Being heavily geared in fashion, Mr. Cook roams the malls of the country to showcase his behind the scenes inspirations that drive his passion in style. Though he's not an "in front of the camera" type of guy, he doesn't mind having a lens near him as he travels and explores some his favorite shops and boutiques.

"I would definitely recommend a boot... Every guy needs a boot for the winter." - Mike Cook

In the short video above, Mr. Cook heads to Macy's in Springfield Mall, PA to focus on men's shoes and boots. Accompanied by Jerrell Carter, (HYPEFRESH, CFO) the two navigate the various isles of footwear until inspired. In this case, Mr. Cook's tastes were set on the Chelsea Boot, one that he believes is a mandatory staple for a true gents style. Watch the video below to hear his opinion.