Susan Sarandon Salutes A$AP Rocky & Action Bronson For "1 Train" Shout-Out; Plans To Blaze With Them

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“You see us scrambling, selling Susan Sarandon,” - Action Bronson, "1 Train"

While celebrity references are far from anything new in rap music, it never ceases to amaze when we see the celebrity mentioned actually discuss their name being dropped.

In one of the most unlikeliest of moments, famed actress Susan Sarandon tweeted rap stars A$AP Rocky and Action Bronson to thank them for mentioning her off a song from Rocky's 2013 debut album, Long.Live.A$AP.

Why Sarandon happened to be listening to the album or even why she waited two years to ask the two emcees about it is anyone's guess. The biggest question may just be what Sarandon intends to blaze when they all sit down in the near future.