Sweetie, the 105-year-old Warriors Fan Who Just Wants An NBA Title

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'Sweetie' is a 105-year-old Golden State Warriors fan and all she wants to see is her team win an NBA title while she sits at the edge of her bed in her Bay Area home.

She prefers to watch her team take on the Houston Rockets, alone with her cat Coco Chanel, so that she can yell at the team as loudly as she can.

"Every time I holler at the team, she just looks up at me," Sweetie, still sprightly and spunky well over a century after her birth, told Mashable on a recent afternoon while wearing a bright yellow Warriors shirt. "And I holler at them a lot. I tell them: 'Go get that ball!'"

Sweetie may be the oldest Warriors fans, and has stuck around to possibly see something special.

"I think it's a very special season, because they're young and they've got a lot of play in them if they don't get the swellhead," Sweetie said of the Warriors' current campaign.

She has lived through two world wars, the Civil rights movement and even played basketball 20 years before the NBA was founded.

If I waited as long as she did, I would be yelling at my team to win too.

Source: Mashable