Tax Weed And Save The Homeless

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Lets start the conversation off by saying that weed is a plant and not a drug. Okay cool now that's out the way, we can continue about the matter at hand.

Weed is such a powerful tool in America. It has the power to cure diseases, eliminate seizures, increase hunger and relieve pain. But most importantly, it makes you happy. Or paranoid for others. But mainly, the positives to weed outweigh the negatives in this case. And thanks to forward thinking politicians, weed may be the answer to more than one problem.

Thankfully, in Los Angeles, citizens have the right to vote on a weed tax law this coming November. The proposed policy will save thousands of the homeless population living on decrepit city streets. While many still argue if weed should be legalized, I urge these same people to study the benefits. If weed was given a 10% tax, a new stream of revenue is created out of thin air for the public. Sounds genius! Right?