Taye Diggs Is Releasing New Children's Novel "Mixed Me!"

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Legendary Hollywood actor Taye Diggs is releasing a new children's novel titled "Mixed Me!" (Illustrated by Shane W. Evans), which is scheduled to drop tomorrow, October 22nd, 2015 via Amazon.com worldwide. This is the follow up to his previous kids storybook "Chocolate Me" which tackled the issue of self esteem in young children of African decent with brown, rich mocha skin, in comparison to their school yard peers.

We all know that the "race issue" can be a conversation piece for ages to come. Taye Diggs recognizes the importance of feeding this positive, cultural reinforcement into the minds of children, as they often have many questions regarding family lineage and background. And to be quite honest, we're really proud that he is. In our opinion, it's necessary that this topic be taught in the earliest phases of any child's life, not just targeted towards African-Americans specifically.

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As cool as this read is, you too can buy one for your children (if you have any) And if you don't, buy a copy for a loved one in your family that could put this powerful publication to use. Cultural enrichment is key in today's modern day society when it comes to our kids, as they one day will become our future generation to come.

Pre order your copy here, and be sure to show your love and support for the author!