Trump's our next President... What's next? A Tea Party?

Rallies, marches, protests, and a possible new "tea party".
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It’s been a little more than a week since what felt like our “Dooms Day” happened and Trump was elected as our next president and people are pissed, as they should be. We finally got the wake up call that so many of us needed. This has encouraged people across the country to get together and protest in a lot of the major cities including Philadelphia. The discomfort of the thought of Trump being our next president after our beloved Obama has encouraged many organizations and individuals to speak their minds and take action in their home towns. But what’s next? Although it’s nice that these rallies help people share their opinion and speak up, but what’s the next step?

How does the idea of the next “Tea Party” sound, well “tea party of the left”? It has not been acted upon yet but many agree that this would be the time to take a stance beginning with the Democratic party. Leaders from organizations like AllofUs, Occupy Wall Street, and Roosevelt’s Army all have spoken out and agree that action must take place whether it is protesting more in sit ins and marches or becoming “more politically involved” as a leader from from the Roosevelt’s Army described.

Since Trump was elected there have been a numerous amount of hate crimes and actions taken towards minorities. Here in Philadelphia African American freshman students at the University of Pennsylvania were added to a Facebook group and a group me titled “Nigger Lynching”. These groups displayed horrific pictures, racial slurs, and a schedule of the student lynchings. Apparently these groups were made from somewhere out of state but just the fact that people were bold enough and believed it was okay to participate shows how much we need to fight for a change. As minorities, this is our reality now and we must not settle or let this become the norm that we have fought so hard to escape.


It will take persistence and dedication for these movements to actually have any type of affect on the government. Most social movements lately have not been as successful as people hoped. People use their social media to express their concerns but do not actually do anything other then that. Then a week later there is a new trending topic and no one is concerned about what really matters. It is important to realize that even though social media has given us all a platform to use, it should definitely not be the only one. This all comes down to education, if there is one thing that you should have taken from this election it is that education is key. It is important to learn and do research, encourage others to do so as well. We need to teach our children the reality of our history and not what is in their textbooks, which are mostly always written in the oppressor’s voice.