Team USA: Fully Loaded

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Team USA

After a number of top-tier superstars decided to take last summer off, it is evident that team USA has their eyes set on Olympic gold.

Last year around this time, big names such as Lebron, Kobe, and Melo declined the opportunity to represent Team USA. America being known for it's talent heavy point guard ability, did nothing short of getting the job done with a more younger and athletic core. People the likes of Stephen Curry, Kenneth Faried, Rudy Gay, and Demarcus Cousin helped to solidify another impressive run for USA in it's Olympic trials.

Many superstars we're very skeptical of playing after last year's freak accident, of Paul George breaking his ankle in a scrimmage game. George who was at the top of his game, and widely considered a possible MVP candidate for the 2013-2014 season had to sit out. After the disappointing season with the Knick's Carmelo did heavy shopping in free agency. The elite superstar, listened to offers from the Lakers, Bulls, and Mavericks as his next possible destination for championship contention. But at the end of the day, a $124 million dollar payday secured Carmelo in Madison Square Garden for another five years. And then there is the King, Lebron just came off a disaster finals in a rematch of the 2012-2013 season against San Antonio.

Team USA

The Lebron & Melo sweepstakes, caused many teams to clear salary space to offer max contracts. After the assimulation of "The Big Three", many teams felt it necessary to acquire multiple superstars to be a championship contender. The Akron native, declined to resign with the consecutive four-year Eastern Conference champs to return to his beloved city. With all of the attention swirling around LeBron, he kindly decided not to play for Team USA last summer. Leaving room for other talented up and coming stars to showcase their talent.


With the like's of Melo, LeBron, Stephen Curry, and Paul George, Team USA look's to put on another dominant performance against the world. The Blue Devil's coach, Mike Krzyewski, who is regarded as one of the best will return as Team USA coach. As the talented NBA stars look to battle for a USA roster spot, it is clear that we have more than enough fire power. Who will make the final cut for the Team USA roster? Will LeBron lead the pack to another goal?

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