TECH: Cop or Drop? The New, Apple iWatch

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The iWatch is coming... 4.24.15. Are you ready?

Apparently the newest craze coming out of the gates of Apple Inc. is the company's highly anticipated smart watch, a first for the tech giant. Millions upon millions of Apple geeks are eagerly waiting to get their hands on one when they get released. We can guarantee you'll see hundreds of people camped out this week, taking days off from work, ready to put this eye catching watch on their wrists.

But the real question everyone asks, "is it really gonna be worth me buying?"


Smart watches are already flooded in the tech market today. From Motorola's 360, LG's R Watch, to the famous Pebble smart watch (which started this whole craze in the first place), it's simple to see why Apple wanted to join the race. And not to blend in, but to dominate the competition.

I myself am a smart watch owner of the Motorola 360. I love this thing. It's the perfect companion to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Plantronics Voyager Pro. It didn't hurt my pockets too much, setting me back $289 big ones (after sales tax). All in all, it works well and does everything I expected a tech watch to do.

Unfortunately, many common complaints have been made about the biggest problem of the iWatch, prior to anyone getting their hands on one. The cost of owning one.Which is currently expected to range between $349 - $17,000.

No, that wasn't a typo folks...


And of course, with this kind of investment being put forward, one would expect to get a watch that can hail a private jet in the middle of Time Square, with the President's authorization. But unfortunately, this isn't the case.

According to CNet's conclusion:

"THE GOOD: The Apple Watch is a beautifully constructed, compact smartwatch. It's feature-packed, with solid fitness software, hundreds of apps, and the ability to send and receive calls via an iPhone."

"THE BAD: Battery barely lasts a day and recharge time is slow; most models and configurations cost more than they should; requires an iPhone 5 or later to work; interface can be confusing; sometimes slow to communicate with a paired iPhone."

"THE BOTTOM LINE: The Apple Watch is the most ambitious, well-constructed smart watch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool."

New Apple Watch is pictured during an Apple event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino

And yes, along with this comes a stylish and sleek design in a wide range of varieties. But realistically, in HYPEFRESH's opinion, you're buying an extension of your iPhone, not the new iPhone. Yeah, it may be the coolest thing on the market, technologically savvy, as well as being the best thing Apple has to offer, but with these speculations floating around, what are we really expecting to see on the 24th?

Only one can find out when they arrive.

 Written By:Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH