SLEIGHTING, The New Live Multimedia Experience

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What is Sleighting? Trust me, I too was confused at first. It's just one of those things that make you ponder: how advanced are we really are in terms of technology?But that's the reason I'm sharing it with you guys.

As always, we at HYPEFRESH® are contantly learning new things daily. 'SLEIGHTING' is a new multimedia performance using real-time motion capture that seeks to redefine the role of the performer and the future of entertainment. This production is Rachel Ho's undergraduate thesis from the California Institute of the Arts(CalArts) who directed, produced and performed in this visual experiment. 

Rachel Ho explains this process a bit more in depth:

"This motion capture system used for this performance is by the company PhaseSpace ( which uses LED markers for capturing data. The virtual environments and live visuals were all achieved using Autodesk's MotionBuilder software. This program is used in the industry for film/animation/gaming as a pre-visualization tool to help directors with the mocap process, but has yet to been used for live performances. The programmed virtual set gives VJ the ability to cue things such as special effects and control camera moves live. The whole performance involves tons of improvisation - everything from dancing, music, to what you see in the final projected image."

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More information is available about this new phenomenon in motion technology at Also, feel free to leave your comments in the section below after you experience this video for yourself.