Teenager Dies After Taking A Selfie

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The selfie craze has taken over the world, but teenager Andrey Retrovsky died after taking a picture for Instagram.

Due to many death-defying selfie moments in Russia, officials have taken to pleading with its citizen to stop. 17-year-old Retrovsky fell from a nine-story building after trying to take a selfie. Retrovsky is part of a subculture known as “roofers,” who often climb tall buildings illegally to take dangerous pictures and videos in hopes that they will go viral. Below is a picture Retrovsky posted on Instagram, the translated caption is "ready, here we go".


Retrovsky planned on taking the picture like he normally does, but this time take it a little further. He wanted it to look like he was falling, but he had a rope attached for security. The rope failed, and Retrovsky fell nine-stories into bushes, he later died with two hours of being rushed to the hospital due to extensive injuries.