Teen's Blood Shows Long-Term HIV Remission Is Possible

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hiv remission may be possible french teen

Aids researchers are reporting that an "unprecedented" remission has appeared in a teen French girl, who was affected with HIV at birth, despite not taking any drugs for the virus for 12 years.

According to USAToday, the girl, who's now 18, was born to an HIV-infected mother. But, the girl was found after doctors lost contact and when she came back, doctors could not find HIV in her blood. Levels of HIV are not detected with standards test and can only be measure with a very sensitive test.

The girl’s case shows that “long-term remission is possible, even in children, and it can go out as long as 12 years,” AIDS researcher Sharon Lewin said. “But we still need a lot of work to know why.” via

Now, although it is possible that the remission was a result of early treatments, Warner Greene, director of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology at University of California, San Francisco said that it is also possible that the teen is part of the 1% of HIV patients whose immune systems fought the AIDS virus on their own.

These “elite responders,” while still infected with HIV, are “functionally” cured, because their HIV levels are almost undetected without medication, said Greene, who wasn’t involved with the new study.

Source: USAToday