The 3 Year Photographic Journey Of Bo Lee

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Bo Lee did the unthinkable in today's times: use a Polaroid camera to capture her life for the last three years.

Yes, three. With technology being advanced, these style cameras don't really exist anymore. And if you still do have one, hold on to it - it's considered a collectible. With everyone taking "selfies" via their personal cell phones, its rare to see "actual" photo collages (not digital ones) being put together. Unless your in an art gallery or something.

Here's what Bo Lee explained about the Polaroid Project: 

"For the last 3 years, I've gone through 3 Polaroid cameras and hoarded my own personal collection of moments with people and places which is finally coming to a wrap by the end of this year. Couldn't be more satisfied with the way things have turned out. The idea came from wanting to have my own personal, custom piece of wall art - And I wanted it to be B I G - take up a whole wall space from floor to ceilingkindabig. What initially started as a simple project for an art piece, it's evolved into something more meaningful." 

Lee also goes on to mention the inspiration behind it:

"It's nice to see growth, to see change. To look back and laugh about it. It's humbling to feel gratitude for an experience - good and/or bad - that's captured. It's fun to take a moment and reminisce. For someone who has a slightly terrible memory, this is exactly what I need. A collection of artists I've shot with, places seen and traveled, inspirational people met at crossroads, ex boyfriends, best friends, NSFW snaps, birthdays, family and of course Jax cat."

Wanna see what three years looks like in Polaroids? We'll point you to Lee's personal online portfolio. >> Click here to check it out.

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