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The Benefits of Gambling

Who said that gambling is all bad??
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Gambling and betting have been around for thousands of years now, and are commonplace legally and illegally in all parts of the world as well as in films, songs, and popular culture. Every year, almost two-third of the entire world’s adult population places one or more bet/s at some point of time. Apart from that, around $ 30 billion exchange hands in casinos, while another $ 17 billion are earned through state lotteries each year. As against the popular perception, gambling can be good for the society because of its various benefits.

However, anyone who gambles at online or off-line casinos, shouldn’t do it without gaining ample knowledge about their operations and games. Here are three books that can teach you a thing or two about splashing the cash at the casino. Now let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of gambling.

Boosts economy

First off, gambling can provide a huge boost to the economy. While couple of decades ago, only 2 states in the US had legal gambling, but today you can indulge in some kind of legal gambling in 48 different states of the country. It won’t take very long for many more states to legalise gambling and sports betting in the coming times. Year 2006 saw more than $ 5 billion made through local and state taxes imposed on gambling. The taxes obtained from gambling industry contributed significantly to the economy. Studies revealed that the areas where casinos were established, witnessed major improvement in the quality of local schools (owing to the increased supply of funds from the gambling taxes). In addition, roadways and other programs also benefit significantly from the gambling industry.


The construction of casinos in any area automatically leads to creation of thousands of jobs. In the US alone, more than 350,000 people earn their livelihood through casino industry. It not only helps these families, but also reduces the government burden (as it doesn’t need to take care of them). There are around 1500 casinos throughout the United States, that provide ample employment opportunities to people.


It’s a better evil!

While many people feel that gambling is addictive and bad, it can’t be as bad as getting addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. If we talk about the statistics, there are around 15 million Americans who are addicted to gambling, while the number of people addicted to alcohol and/or drugs is 23 million. Gambling addiction isn’t as bad for health as the latter. In addition, gambling can be cured with one simple step - stopping the entry of addicts in the casinos. If we compare the two, drugs are far more difficult to get rid of and are more harmful.

Last but not the least, gambling works as an excellent means for people to de-stress and lead a happy life. People often go on vacations to gambling destinations such as Reno Nevada and Las Vegas in US, bonding with their families and creating a happy America for everyone!