The Clues Behind Frank Ocean's Mysterious New Video

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UPDATE: 5:22 pm - According to The New York Times, Frank Ocean will release his next album, "Boys Don't Cry" this Friday, August 5th through an Exclusive deal with Apple Music. The album release also includes a an epic video and printed publication. For more details on his mysterious visual, find more information below.

Frank Ocean has mastered the art of reveal. Please note that his last visual is only supported through Safari. 

This morning, singer, songwriter Frank Ocean unveiled a new, Apple Music-produced video stream on his website, Titled, "Champaign" the black-and-white "art project" depicts a large industrial studio with a lonely figure working behind two work benches. Fueled by construction noises, distorted vocals and orchestral synths, it leaves us to question what exactly the point is.


The pending status of Frank Ocean's latest project is the topic of every fan (and non-fan) conversation for over a year now. In April, Frank Ocean announced that the album was complete and titled, "Boys Don't Cry". Last month, Ocean presented a library slip with album dates slated to be released in July, August or November of this year. Although the album is still in the works, Ocean has appeared alongside Calvin Harris, Kanye West and as the face of Calvin Klein. It is now August 1st and we are still waiting. But, maybe the wait is over. According to Wired.comhere are the hidden gems in Frank Ocean's latest visual.


Simply put, "Champaign" will be released August 2, 5065.  Sounds like Frank Ocean to me. For a detailed explanation, read here.