The All-Carbon Fiber Ferrari F12 Caballeria

Introducing the beauty of Spanish manufacturing.
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Modifying an exotic car is completely different than updating your average driver.Toying with the craftsmanship, engineering and aesthetic can be a daunting task. Its like updating a Picasso. So you better not f*%k it up.

But, when done right, this is the result. 

Spanish designers Bengala have officially unveiled their all-carbon fiber F12 Caballeria inspired by the Ferrari GT3 racer. And thank God they didn't f*&k it up.  Coupled with the carbon fiber construction, the Caballeria features noticeable aggressive upgrades like the door vents, a new hood and enhanced wheel designs. Fully equipped with 730 horsepower, the Ferrari houses a 6.3 liter V12 engine that's meant for the track.

 “Uniqueness is in most cases a state of mind, while most people fail to understand the meaning of it very few people get a taste of the irreplaceable reality the word brings to those who earn it,” Bengala said on the car’s release. “We mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering and ten exclusive individuals earned it, the Bengala F12 Caballeria.”

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