The Latest On Our Nation's Gun Laws

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At our nation's latest debate, Senators could not rally enough diploid support to agree on a string of gun control proposals last night. These proposals joined the other failed endeavors at tightening availability of fire arms in the United States.


Sparked by the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, representatives for each party introduce different proposals that they thought would stop us from attaining firearms. Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, has been on the FBI terror investigations radar multiple times since 2013. However, no actions were taken to further review Mateen's intentions.

The Senate blocked democratic proposals to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. The partyline vote was 47-53 falling short 13 votes for the required 60. Also blocked by Senate was the legislation to deny gun sales to known/suspected terrorist if evidence was provided three days prior that the buyer had terrorist intentions.

Senator Chris Murphey, Democrat, sponsored one of the failed proposals which would have expanded background checks. Senator Murphy stated, "I don't think democracy allows for this Congress to be out of step with the American public for long". Senator Murphey also warns us to be aware that Republicans have decided to sell weapons to Isis...

Guns do not kill people, people do. Many on social media, in the barbershop, or on the subway would argue that is our right as a citizen to bare arms. Yet, where will our ends meet when weapons are placed in the wrong hands?