The Lexus Hoverboard Disappoints, as Many Speculated It Would

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If you've been keeping up with HYPEFRESH® on the coverage on Lexus's newest hover board project, you probably expected this article in the works.

For some, it was a dream come true like watching Marty McFly in Back To The Future. But for many, skepticism played a huge part in the invention of an actual "hover board" that works. Yes, it's 2015 and most consider this the future. However, it's the early 2000's and we're just 15 years into the digital age. Which means, we got a lot of work to do before we start seeing levitating cars and flying skateboards. We may not see that type of technology remotely coming close to manifesting in our current generation. And who knows... maybe our children won't either. But if you and I both know one thing for sure, it's definitely coming, for sure. But the date??? We don't know when, just like the return of Jesus Christ.

Actually, Jesus would know the details of when a real live hover board would actually drop in the states... But until he comes back, I'm pretty sure he's riding one in heaven as we speak.

Lexus came close, but not to the point of anything revolutionary. Yes, their version of the hover board levitates. It's an actual thing that truly does float above ground. However there are a few catch 22's which take away from the hype we all wanted to believe was factual. Ultimately, many disappointments from the giant car company who sold the world a dream all over again. Shucks, for all that hype, I coulda just watched Back To The Future. At least it would've been more exciting than this.

Watch the video above, courtesy of The Verge, and leave your thoughts below in our comments section. Do you think we will see this level of technological advancement in our day in time?