The Packxsz Remixes Brandy's "Who Is She To You"

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The Packxsz is no stranger to bootlegging records. In fact, his newest remix of soul crooner Brandy, takes her 'Who Is She To You' single and flips it like a buttered pancake. Originally produced by Timbaland, The Packxsz manages to recreate this already produced gem into something like a diamond.

The breakdown is very simple to this record: it's a simple record. In his previous remixes, The Packxsz would orchestrate his arrangements. Layering instruments, sequences and effects for a lush, grandiose sound. While maintaining this effect, what we hear in Who Is She To You remix is similar, without the extra bells and whistles.

However, the sound quality and presentation remains similar to before.

In the craft of music, minimization can be a challenge for many. Many times do we hear records that are perfectly fine, but appear to be "over-produced" because the genius behind it went all in. And that's fine and all, (if your performing a live show). However, records are timeless (if created that way) and should get the point across without doing too much.

What we have here is pure production, which takes the listener through many journeys sonically. Audio quality is stellar (as always from the likes of The Packxsz) and the beat falls in sync with the lead vocal as if it's an exclusive record. And that's why The Packxsz always makes the homepage of HYPEFRESH.

Check it out below for yourself, and download a copy for yourself directly from Soundcloud.