The Resy + Marc Forgione TriFecTa Dining Experience

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The "Marc Forgione TriFeCta is all about filling the bellies of those who are hungry. This unique experience is a special evening planned by the mobile reservation app Resy and Chef Marc Forgione (of Iron Chef America) Instead of trying to pick and choose where to take your lady for dinner on the town, this combination eliminates the guessing game, getting straight to the goodies.

In a nutshell, imagine pre-paying for a 3 course meal, 3 different restaurants, in one of NYC's premier neighborhoods. Sick, right? All that's required is the easy part - eating. No need to leave tip or calculate the bill, it's all done for you before you step foot in the door. Each experience takes about an hour tops, and when finished, wave goodbye and walk a few blocks to your next course.

Only available for one table of two or four per night, Monday through Thursday at 7PM, the dinner costs $150 per person (including tax and tip). Reservations for the Marc Forgione TriFecTa need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance through this link at Resy; Check out the experience for yourself, or vicariously below, photos courtesy of Cool Hunting's Nara Shin.

 FIrst course: Khe-Yo

FIrst course: Khe-Yo

Khe-Yo - located on Duane Street, featuring Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine.

 Second course: American Cut

Second course: American Cut

American Cut - Located on Greenwich Street.

 Third course: Restaurant Marc Forgoine

Third course: Restaurant Marc Forgoine

Restaurant Marc Forgione - Located on Duane Street.

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