The Return of Jesus Shuttlesworth, And What It Means To The NBA

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With the state of basketball continuing to evolve, the debate of who's the greatest among legends continue to grow. From small ball, to a decline in traditional point guards and centers, everything has rapidly changed from the 90's. The winning formula once known as an all-star, surrounded by a strong supporting cast has dissolved into small ball plays with jump shooters. This type of change has lured one of the all time greats out of hiding, to consider returning to the hardwood floor once again.

Ray Allen has made it known through several NBA outlets that he has pondered several times to play once again. The 5th overall pick in the 1996 draft, has had an illustrious career making plenty of money along with setting all-time records. Known as the greatest shooter ever from beyond the arc, the former huskies player has nothing else to prove. But, Ray returning for a 18th season would be another great story line for the upcoming season.

The "HE GOT GAME" main character's 3-point record is currently being threatened by the likes of the NBA 2015 MVP, Stephen Curry, and sharp shooter Klay Thompson. Allen currently holds the record for 3-pointers made at 2,973. Curry's seemingly automatic shooting display over the past two seasons, leaves little to no question that the title will switch hands soon enough. Ray's only chance to keep his crown would mean that he suits up once again, but with who?

Having already captured two rings, it is considered league wide that Ray Allen is looking to be apart of a championship contender. Will we see Allen on the court this season? Will he protect his beloved 3-point title? Stay tuned for more to come. Re-live some of Allen's greatest plays from beyond the arc below: