The "Ronin 47" Motorcycle By Ronin Motor Works

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This bike is badass. And the guys over at Ronin Motor Works know it too.

Yeah, I said that in the title. But, no seriously... This is a good look for anyone who grabs up on it. Apparently, When Harley-Davidson stopped manufacturing the Buell 1125, the guys at Ronin Motor Works were pissed off — and they decided, they were gonna do something about it.

The "Ronin 47" gets it's inspiration in design from the Buell 1125, in addition to it's name, borrowed from the Japanese folk tale, "The 47 Ronin". Matte black finish, exposed guts, and shiny metallic parts. All that's missing is a lucky son of a gun with the purse to buy it. Other features include state of the art exhaust system, new controls, new gauges, a new seat, a new LED taillight, and a new RFID-enabled key for push-button starting.

Unfortunately, only 47 of these uniquely designed samurai-named bikes will be available. If you can't get your hands on one, feast your eyes on this article for life.