Imagine Yourself Waking Up In The Seine House...

This renovated home was once an abandoned millstone home.
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The Seine House.

The Seine House.

The Seine House is a re-imagined beauty that's located on the outskirts of Paris. Being once an abandoned historical millstone house, now sits as beauty in structural foundation. With a few added extensions to it's original design, the Seine House features a slew of new touches. Original sandstone walls, herringbone wood floors, exterior roof and porches, an updated kitchen, a black steel staircase and concrete floors to modernize the interior.

The steel and glass extensions expands the living area inside. Meanwhile, the steel and glass exterior touches enlarges it. The main highlight of the house is the hall which displays the owner's love for music. An extensive CD and vinyl collection graces is space.

Just imagine being the owner of this architectural beauty. Stepping out of bed to a home that other people could only dream of. Our guess? You'd love it.

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