A Cabin Home With A View To Match

A cabin when you want to get away.
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A cabin when you want to get away.

Have you ever wanted to escape and get away? I mean really get away like to the moon. Well not the moon, but the Simmerberg House is close enough. Located in the mountains of Germany, this home is inspired by the traditional Allgäu architecture combining the natural outdoors with modern decor. 

The design of the home appears to have a diagonal slice, resulting in two buildings - the main living area and a detached shed which are both separated by a communal courtyard. Comprised of exposed concrete and charred wood, the home provides protection from the elements and a contrasting visual aesthetic with a modern cabin feel. But that's not the best part. It also features a private sauna, two bedrooms, an upstairs loft and a basement large enough for seven. Check out the gallery above and for more information, read here.