The Six New Clips For Donald Glover's TV Series 'Atlanta'

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Next month’s premiere, FX has unleashed six new teasers for Donald Glover’s forthcoming rap-inspired TV show Atlanta, which is about two cousins, with different views on art versus commerce, on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene. Glover plays "Earnest 'Earn' Marks," an ambitious college drop-out and his estranged cousin, who suddenly becomes a star. The Show is created and starring Glover himself, which the show centers around Donald’s character Earnest Marks.

More promotion of the upcoming series are being revealed with 14-16 second clips, you can watch some of the clips below. Watching the clips is like putting a thousand piece puzzle together because most of them are in reverse, wonder whats up with that?

Atlanta premieres on FX on September 6